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Enjoy Adult Time! (Pending)

Drop Your Child At Beginning And Beyond For A Kidz Night Out

Kidz Night Out!

Parents! There's no reason to search for a babysitter to have a night to yourself. Drop your child off at an exciting event known as Kidz Night Out. What's Kidz Night Out? It's a 3-hour event of fun-filled activities such as arts & crafts, dancing, games, themes, and more. As your child engages with children during team-building activities they will improve their social skills, master new abilities or improve on those they already have. Not to mention the health benefits that will occur due to them being active with all the dancing. Your child will be talking about it for days to come. Our top priority for your child is to provide a fun, energetic, and safe evening and give you peace of mind while enjoying your own Parent's Night Out!

We're located conveniently near most restaurants and entertainment. Drop off your child between 6 pm and 9 pm on Friday evenings if you want a night out or some alone time.

Kidz Night Out!

Ages 4 to 7

Dinner Included:

Pizza & Beverages

 Allergies or sensitivity, please send your child with their own dinner box.


Non Refundable


per child

Sibling  $25.00

per child

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We are conveniently located:  251 Jackson Street Hempstead , NY 11550



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